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Our Services

Millennium Learning Concepts provides Technical Assistance and Professional Development in the following areas: 

  • Equity & Cultural Audits
  • Equity & Cultural Assessments
  • Cultural Responsive Teaching
  • Developing Quality Leadership in Districts/Schools
  • Cultural Competence & Implicit Bias Training
  • Schools Culture & Climate Training
  • Creating Profession Learning Communities
  • Closing Opportunity Gaps
  • Emotional Intelligence in Boys
  • Educational Research
  • Educational Resources
  • Micro Aggression
  • Motivational Speaking

Conducting Culture / Equity Assessments

The quality of school culture is the most crucial factor…

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Conducting Scholastic Assessments

This process is very similar to the cultural / equity assessment with some notable exceptions.

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Developing Quality Leadership in Districts / Schools

The quality of district/school leadership is paramount in driving district / school improvement.

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Creating Successful Comprehensive Improvement Plans

It has been said that “failure to plan is planning to fail.”

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Developing Effective Continuous Assessment Processes / Programs

Educational research increasingly points to an effective continuous assessment program as key to bringing about improvement…

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Creating Professional Learning Communities

Truly successful school districts and schools have taken on the qualities of professional learning communities…

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